Introducing the ATOUCH KT4, a cutting-edge educational tablet designed to enhance your child’s learning experience. This tablet is a powerhouse, equipped with features that make it an ideal companion for young learners. Let’s dive into the highlights and specifications that set the ATOUCH KT4 apart.

PRICE: 46500


**1. Educational Powerhouse:** The ATOUCH KT4 is not just a tablet; it’s an educational tool. With a robust 6GB RAM and ample 128GB internal storage, this tablet ensures smooth performance, allowing your child to explore a world of educational content seamlessly.

**2. Interactive Learning:** The 6GB RAM ensures that educational apps run smoothly, providing an interactive learning environment. Whether it’s engaging lessons, interactive quizzes, or educational games, the ATOUCH KT4 delivers a responsive and immersive experience.

**3. Spacious Storage:** With 128GB internal storage, the ATOUCH KT4 offers ample space to store educational materials, games, and videos. Expandable memory via a Micro SD card provides even more room, ensuring your child’s learning journey is not limited by storage constraints.

**4. Kid-Friendly Design:** The ATOUCH KT4 features a kid-friendly design with a vibrant display on a sizeable screen. Its durable build can withstand the inevitable bumps and drops associated with children’s usage.

**5. Long-lasting Battery:** Powered by a long-lasting battery, the ATOUCH KT4 ensures uninterrupted learning and entertainment. Say goodbye to frequent recharging and let your child explore educational content for extended periods.


**- Display:** Crisp and vibrant display for an immersive viewing experience.

**- Operating System:** Android-based, providing access to a vast range of educational apps on the Google Play Store.

**- Connectivity:** Wi-Fi-enabled for easy access to online educational resources.

**- Camera:** Front and rear cameras for interactive learning and capturing moments.

**- Processor:** Efficient processor for smooth multitasking.

**- Battery:** Long-lasting battery for extended use without interruptions.

In conclusion, the ATOUCH KT4 is more than a tablet; it’s a gateway to a world of knowledge for your child. Invest in their education with a device designed to inspire learning and curiosity. Explore the ATOUCH KT4 today!