Title: Complete NIN Enrollment Computers and Equipment for Sale with Modification Access

Introduction: As the Nigerian government continues to prioritize the implementation of the National Identity Number (NIN) system, there is a growing demand for efficient enrollment processes and reliable equipment. In order to assist organizations and individuals in their NIN enrollment efforts, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive package of computers and equipment specifically designed for NIN registration. Additionally, we provide ordinary modification access for those seeking customization options. Read on to learn more about our offerings.

  1. Complete NIN Enrollment Computers and Equipment: Our package includes a range of high-quality equipment that ensures seamless NIN enrollment for Nigerian citizens. The following components are included:

a) Workstation Computers: We provide powerful workstation computers equipped with the latest hardware specifications to handle the enrollment software efficiently. These computers are optimized for speed and reliability, enabling fast data processing and secure storage.

b) Biometric Devices: Our package includes biometric devices such as fingerprint scanners and iris recognition systems. These devices are essential for capturing accurate biometric data, ensuring the uniqueness and security of each individual’s identity.

c) Digital Cameras: We offer high-resolution digital cameras specifically designed for capturing quality photographs during the enrollment process. These cameras ensure clear and precise identification images, facilitating the verification and authentication of individuals.

d) Barcode Scanners: Our package also includes barcode scanners to streamline the data entry process. These scanners enable quick and accurate scanning of relevant documents, reducing manual data entry errors and saving valuable time.

e) ID Card Printers: We provide ID card printers capable of producing durable and tamper-resistant identification cards. These printers ensure the efficient printing and issuance of NIN cards, incorporating essential security features to prevent counterfeiting.

  1. System and License Availability: Please note that we offer the NIN enrollment system and the associated software license separately from the equipment package. This provides flexibility for customers who may already possess the required hardware and only require the software solution.

Conclusion: Our comprehensive package of NIN enrollment computers and equipment, coupled with ordinary modification access, aims to streamline the NIN registration process for Nigerian citizens. By investing in these reliable tools, organizations and individuals can contribute to the nationwide efforts in creating a robust national identity database. If you are interested in acquiring our NIN enrollment computers, equipment, or modification access, please contact us for further details and pricing information.

Note: It is important to comply with all relevant regulations and guidelines set by the Nigerian government when implementing the NIN enrollment system.


Complete 800k


Only system and licence 500k

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