Introducing the BEBE – TAB B2050 PRO+, an educational powerhouse designed to engage and educate your kids in an immersive digital world. Crafted to blend learning with fun, this innovative tablet opens up a universe of educational content, making it an ideal companion for your child’s learning journey.

PRICE: 73,000


**Immersive Learning Experience:** The B2050 PRO+ offers an immersive 10-inch screen that brings educational content to life, ensuring a captivating learning experience for your kids.

**Robust Educational Content:** Loaded with pre-installed educational applications, the tablet covers a wide range of subjects, providing a diverse and engaging learning environment.

**Child-Friendly Design:** Engineered specifically for kids, the tablet boasts a durable yet lightweight design, ensuring easy handling and resilience against accidental bumps and drops.

**Parental Controls:** Equipped with comprehensive parental control features, ensuring a safe and monitored online experience for your kids.


**Display and Performance:** The tablet boasts a 10-inch touchscreen, providing a brilliant resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Powered by a robust Octa-core processor, it effortlessly handles multitasking and offers a seamless performance.

**Storage and RAM:** With 8GB RAM and a generous 128GB internal storage capacity, the tablet provides ample space to store educational resources, apps, and your child’s content.

**Operating System:** Runs on Android 12, enabling access to an extensive range of educational and entertainment apps on the Google Play Store.

**Connectivity:** Wi-Fi support ensures seamless internet connectivity, facilitating access to online educational resources, video calls, and more.

**Camera:** The tablet features a 5MP rear and a 2MP front camera, enabling video conferencing and capturing moments.

**Battery Life:** A robust 6000mAh battery keeps the tablet powered throughout the day, ensuring extended hours of educational engagement and fun.

Empower your child’s education with the BEBE – TAB B2050 PRO+, providing a balanced blend of learning tools and entertainment to encourage interactive and engaging educational experiences.